Seismic Instrumentation

Earthquakes can not be forecasted or predicted. The primary damages at buildings, plants and infrastructure, and especially secondary damages caused by fire, explosion and pollution are a high risk for human beings and environment.

The risk increases by earthquake hazard, density of population and industry as well by the vulnerability of buildings, lifelines and industry.

Higher risk industry and lifelines get a basic design including the estimated additional earthquake load of the location. This design is based on standards such as the German KTA 2201, the European Code 8, the US Regulatory Guide or the Uniform Building Code.

BARTEC `s Seismic Instrumentation measures continuously the vibration level at the sensor location and provides alarms if limiting values get exceeded.
Based on these alarms immediate inspections can be initiated or high risk processes can get shut down. The automatically performed analyses compares design with measured values and allows further decisions.