Public Address & General Alarm Systems

BARTEC VODEC design, manufactures, supplies and commissions Public Address and General Alarm Systems [PAGA] specifically for aggressive industrial situations where reliable operation is required in climatic extremes and/or potentially explosive atmospheres. For additionally hazardous applications we supply a P3 Exp package which incorporates fail safe EExp pressurisation where the cabinets are automatically purged with "clean" air, thereby preventing ingress of potentially flammable mixtures and consequent ignition risk.

P3 PAGA System

  • Fully duplicated A + B configurations
  • Hot standby amplification, alarm tones and power supply N + 1 configurations
  • Networked/distributed PAGA configurations P3-IP [TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, RTP]

P3 Exp PAGA System

  • Fully duplicated A + B configurations
  • Hot standby amplification, alarm tones and power supply N + 1 configurations
  • Networked/distributed PAGA configurations P3-IP [TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, RTP]
  • EExp main cabinet + EExd isolation box
  • ATEX certification zone 1 T4 II C
  • Ambient temperature -10°C +40°C
  • Humidity 90% non condensing
  • Pressurisation 6 litres/minute

A typical BARTEC VODEC Public Address General Alarm System:

No large bulky power supply and/or amplifier units, elimination of switch-on surge and no sharing of power supplies over two or more amplifiers.
BARTEC VODEC VSOC [system on a chip] technology ensures highly secure, flexible life dependant design; obviates computer/software-based architectures.
BARTEC VODEC PAGA systems are programmed with two alarm sets which meet all industry standards:
  • PFEER/Norsok

BARTEC VODEC VA300 325 Watt Amplifier

The VA300 amplifier is designed to provide reliable efficient service in critical life dependant alarm and voice broadcast applications [PAGA]. The unit is based upon a compact industry standard size Euro card module designed to plug in/out of a host 6 Unit high card frame.
The VA300 incorporates an integral supervisory package, which silently and automatically monitors the amplifier, the associated loudspeaker critical path and integrity of loudspeaker line insulation with respect to earth. The VA300 fascia carries a detailed LED diagnostic display, service test input/output sockets and robust alloy handle to facilitate rapid withdrawal of the complete assembly and exchange with absolute minimum of down time.
Surface mount manufacturing assures consistent performance, obviates troublesome wiring looms, multiple printed circuit cards and shrinks the entire power amplifier module/supervisory to a single multi function micro adaptive motherboard. Unique vari-mode output stage configuration eliminates the EMC emissions and critical loading requirements associated with pure Class D amplification whilst maintaining extremely high efficiencies during emergency broadcast request.
Amplifier frequency response bandwidth extends to 25kHz thereby enabling automatic amplifier/line checking at inaudible supersonic frequencies. The VA 300 is fully electronic protected against open/short/any abnormal load or temperature condition with automatic reset [once the condition is resolved] and is almost totally indestructible.
Output to loudspeaker networks is standard 100 Volt line with 70 Volt line as an option. Due to the excellent power density/printed circuit card board area ratio the units are fitted to shallow depth low profile 19 inch racking thereby saving considerable weight and floor space.
The BARTEC VODEC VA300 amplifier incorporates automatic supervision for up to eight separate loudspeaker networks [each line is equipped with BARTEC VODEC intelligent end of line supervisory device type EOL01, EOL02, EOL03 or EOL04]. No calibration is required other than simple switch selection of quantity of lines to be monitored e.g. 1 to 8.
This obviates use of [a] conventional current monitoring schemes, which provide very poor resolution, and [b] DC supervisory systems that require blocking capacitors to be fitted inside each loudspeaker.

The main component parts of a BARTEC VODEC PAGA System