Process Monitor PM 420ex



  • Version in Ex i
  • Five-digit transreflective graphics display
  • No additional voltage supply needed
  • Bar graph capability


German English IBExU09ATEX1095 X
Russian GOST R POCC DE.ME92.B02325
Russian PPC 00-044263
Byelorussian GOSPROMNADZOR 11-02-0015-2012

Ex protection type

Ex II 2(1)G Ex [ia Ga] IIC T5 Gb

Ambient temperature

-20 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +60 °C


The process monitor is a 5-digit intrinsically
safe display unit.

It can be used to show electricity flowing out of a
4 mA...20 mA field circuit into technical units.

No additional voltage supply or battery is
needed for operation.

Technical data (extract)

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Protection classfront installation: IP 40
terminals: IP 20
Structurefront-panel fitting
Dimensions(width x height x depth) 96 mm x 48 mm x 82 mm
Wall cut-out91 mm x 44 mm + 0.5 mm
MaterialEnclosure material: high-quality thermoplastics
Storage temperature-40 ?C up to +80 ?C
Weight120 g
Measurement range4...20 mA
DisplayType height 13 mm
Background lighting on request
ConnectionTerminals: 2,5 mm?, fine-stranded


Data Sheet - Process Monitor PM 420ex German English French Russian 
Declaration of Conformity 11-71MM-7C0001 German English French