MSH Anti-condensation Motor Heater



  • Easy to connect thanks to its parallel structure
  • High watts density power output
  • Extremely flexible in a temperature range -50


-50 ?C up to +180 ?C


This highly flexible heating cable is used as an anti-condensation heater for electric motors and generators. The device offers added protection against corrosion damage that usually results in machine breakdowns by effectively preventing the formation of condensation water even under extreme climatic conditions.

Special versions on request:
  • differing supply voltage
  • differing heating cables
  • special heating cable length


The heating cables are integrated directly into the windings, i.e. built around the winding armature. Heat transfer is improved dramatically since the windings during the impregnation process.


MSH ant-condensation heaters are pre-wired, ready-to-use parallel heating cables with cold lead ends. Consisting of two parallel flexible copper leads with silicone glass-fibre insulation, the heating element of CuNi or NiCr alloy is wound around the cable. The 0.37 m long cold lead ends of FEP insulated stranded copper flex terminate the heating cable. The outer jacket consists of glass-fibre, covered with silicone rubber. Both ends of the heating cable are sealed with silicone rubber.

Technical data (extract)

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Dimensionssee data sheet
Bending radius: ≥ 25 mm
MaterialHeating elements: CuNi or NiCr
Insulation: alkali-free glass-fibre with silicone rubber
Heat output12.5 W, 25 W, 50 W, 75 W or 100 W
Watts density 50 W/m at nominal voltage
Voltagestandard 230 V (special 110 V, others on request)
Permissible excess voltage: 1.2 x nominal voltage
Connection2 x FEP-insulated stranded, copper flex, 0.5 mm? with crimped sleeve


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