Mobile Computer Configuration Tool Mobile Computer MC 92N0 Mobile Computer MC 75Ax Mobile Computer MC 959x

For use in Ex areas BARTEC has developed an explosion-protected version of the Mobile Computer series in co-operation with Motorola.

The distinguishing features of this device series are its ergonomic value, user friendliness and high performance based on:
  • the usual environment of Windows® Mobile or Windows CE
  • real-time-data access with WWAN, WLAN or Bluetooth
  • different replaceable keyboards
  • various versions of scan engines for 1D or 2D barcodes in near or long range
  • RFID reader and scanner in one device
  • expanded storage capacity with replaceable SD card

These high-performance Mobile Computers are available with different certifications:
  • IECEX/ATEX Zone 1 and/or Zone 2
  • UL Division 1 and/or Division 2
  • Inmetro (Brazil)
  • GOST (Russia)
  • other certifications on request

MC 92N0ex

  • WLAN radio standard n
  • RFID frequencies LF, HF, UHF
  • barcode capture up to 12 m

MC 959xex

  • camera
  • RFID frequencies LF, HF, UHF

MC 75Aex

  • camera
  • RFID frequency HF


  • Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials required for production e.g. medication
  • Petrochemicals
Production, processing, delivery
  • Food and beverages
Manufacturers and suppliers of aromatic substances
  • Automotive industry
Manufacturers and suppliers of coatings, paint shops