Seismic Instrumentation - Applications

Gas Distribution Networks
LNG/Gas/Oil Storage

Dam Instrumentation
Nuclear power plant
  • Alerting at exceeded limiting level
  • Estimation of construction load
  • Automatic analysis of critical frequencies
  • Function like a flight recorder

Reduction of damages 

from earthquakes by initiating short time action from operators or automatic control system action.

This advantage requires an alarm procedure based on limiting values (acceleration, frequencies) for plant operation. Seismic Instrumentation performs alarms and offers clear information about the load of an earthquake in order to decide a shut down of risky processes.

ESD (emergency shut down) is recommended for i.e. gas valves, electric energy in hazardous areas and pressurized processes.

Increase of safety for plant personal 

Automatic alerting in case of earthquake for evacuation of buildings and areas to avoid injuries and protect lives.

Improvement of understanding 

of the behaviour and potential for damages under the dynamic loads of earthquakes.

Seismic Instrumentation is permanent monitoring and provides analysis for the use to reinforce structures. This opportunity reduces future damages by earthquakes.