• Feasibility studies
  • Cost/benefit aspect
  • Basic/detail engineering
  • Budget planning

Production, Procurement, Delivery

  • Process analyzers
  • Physical property analyzers
  • Modular Gas Analyzer
  • Sample conditioning systems
  • On-site sample conditioning and fast loops
  • Sample conditioning
  • Analyzer shelters
  • HVAC/Cooling systems
  • Recovery systems
  • Procurement: enquiry requisition, tender comparison, preparation of documents ready for ordering, placing of orders and purchasing
  • Delivery

International certificates

  • ATEX
  • CSA, UL, FM
  • others on request


  • Mounting: supply and waste disposal, data connection
  • Commissioning: connection, functional testing, calibration, performance test, instruction,
  • final documentation
  • After Sales Service: spare parts supply, training courses, maintenance contracts